Rapukartano saunas

Rapukartano has several different types of saunas available for rent. The attractive facilities and the beauty of nature provide a setting for memorable experiences for groups large and small. The clear waters of Vuohiselkä are great for swimming. Sauna bathers can swim here in every season. Ice swimming in the winter is a particularly unforgettable experience.

On the ground floor of Rapukartano, there is a wood-heated log sauna that is rich in atmosphere. It seats up to 10 people and also has an adjacent outdoor whirlpool bath (reservation needed). Next to the sauna, there is also a cosy fireplace room for up to 20 people to spend a pleasant evening. Guests can take in the lake view on the terrace of the sauna or grill some sausages in the new Bear’s Den.

The Merta building has a stunning black electric sauna for guests to enjoy. A sauna is a great way to start the day (reservation needed).

The smoke sauna in Rapukartano seats 12 people. Built from beautifully weathered aspen, this smoke sauna offers gentle heat. A unique feature of the smoke sauna is the al fresco shower made of natural stone.
The prices of saunas subject to reservation are based on the number of guests, whether the group is staying overnight in Rapukartano and the date of the visit.