Hyvärisenlampi lean-to, Kolho

There are two lean-tos along the Hyvärisenlampi nature trail that call for a snack break. The larger lean-to has seating for as many as 20 people. The lean-tos have fire pits made from natural stones. One of the lean-tos can be reached by car if necessary.

Riihontie 464, 35990 Kolho

Loilanniemi lean-to, Kolho

Loilanniemi lean-to is located on a beautiful spot at the shore of lake Ukonselkä and is usable all year around. The surrounding area has a beach for swimming and space to set up a tent, for example!

Loilanniementie 17, 35990 Kolho

Vilppulankoski park, Vilppula

Vilppulankoski park has a lean-to and two barbecue huts. One of the barbecue huts is situated next to the restaurant Isabella and the other one is behind the Vilppulankoski school. The lean-to can be found along the trail of Vilppulankoski rapids near Koivuniemi. There is also a park hut at the arboretum that can be rented. The restaurant Isabella manages bookings for the park hut.

Kirkkotie 5, 35700 Vilppula

Mänttä ice rink lean-to, Mänttä

The lean-to near Mänttä ice rink is usable all year around.

Miinanpellonkatu 6, 35800 Mänttä

Mäntänvuori barbecue hut, Mänttä

The barbecue hut can be found near Mäntänvuori athletic field.

Urheilukentänkatu 2, 35820 Mänttä

Jaakkoinsuo mire, Vilppula

The 2.5-kilometre hiking trail in Jaakonsuo mire has a resting spot with a fire pit along the trail where visitors can pause for a snack.

Jaakkoinsuontie, 35700 Vilppula

Pohjaslahti beach barbecue hut, Pohjaslahti

There is a barbecue hut at the Pohjaslahti beach.

Laivalaiturintie, 42850 Pohjaslahti