Parkkivuori golf course

Consisting of six holes, the everyman’s golf course owned by the Parkkivuori golf club is an affordable practice course and driving range for anyone interested in golf. This golf course was renovated by volunteers in 2019 and it suits beginners while also providing enough of a challenge to help more advanced players develop their game.

This golf course in Vilppula’s Parkkivuori district is open to all green card holders as well as groups with at least one green card holder. There are also “driving licences” available, issued by Pentti Joenniemi, the Captain of the Parkkivuori golf club, and to people who complete a course at the local adult education centre. Holders of these driving licences are allowed to play this course independently.

Parkkivuori golf course is practically always open during the golf season. Green fees can be paid using bank transfer forms available at the first tee.

The driving range is open to everyone and takes two-euro coins. There is also a chipping and pitching range available.