Paintball is excellent for corporate or private groups, bachelor parties, groups of friends or as a birthday program. Try-Paintball offers different kinds of paintball experiences! Try-Paintball organises instructor-led games in Mänttä-Vilppula and Keuruu. All of the instructors are experienced paintball players, which ensures high-quality service with due consideration for safety. The instructors provide guidance and tips on different types of paintball games. Equipment rental is also available.

The paintball arena in Vilppula is Finland’s largest urban paintball arena. The arena was purpose built for paintball and there are several shelters in the large arena. It is also possible to play paintball in a forest arena. The diverse terrain at this thicket formed by fallen trees, a carefully selected location, provides a fun paintball experience. The forest arena is located in Keuruu, along the road that leads to Hotel Keurusselkä.

Scenario games

Scenario games are growing in popularity among paintball players. They are paintball games with a storyline that makes things more exciting and social. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to creating a storyline for a scenario game. Try-Paintball organises various scenario games each year. You can participate alone or with a group of friends.

A paintball arena featuring various obstacles and vehicles.
Paintball arena.
A group of paintball players running across an arena on a sunny winter day.
Paintball can be played all year round.