Pub Kolo

Pub Kolo is a living room for the entire town! Pub Kolo has good food and the largest selection of drinks in town. Pub Kolo has a pleasant terrace for enjoying the sun as well as a rooftop terrace with a great view. Kolo has a wide range of weekly activities including music quiz, bingo and pub quiz nights. You can challenge a friend to a round of pool or beer pong! In addition, Kolo has a wide range of board games for you to play with your friends. You can also sing karaoke, listen to live music or to dance the night away. It’s the only club in town to stay open until 4:30 am on weekends!

The rooftop terrace of Pub Kolo with tables and chairs. Blocks of flats in the town centre of Mänttä can be seen in the background.

Pub Kolo’s terrace, with groups of tables, on a sunny day.