Mäntänvuori observation tower

Mäntänvuori observation tower is located on top of Mäntänvuori hill, nearly 200 metres above sea level. The observation deck provides views far across town to the lake scenery of Keurusselkä and the verdant forests behind it.

The Vuorentorni observation tower was completed in 2005 based on designs created in 1920 by W.G. Palmqvist. It has 94 layers of logs and the observation deck is at a height of 13.5 metres. The construction of the tower was implemented by the Mänttä-seura association.

The Vuorentorni observation tower can be reached via several nature trails of different lengths or by climbing up the illuminated Mäntänvuori fitness stairs. Another option is to drive to the car park behind the Vuorenmaja wine tavern and walk the rest of the way along the accessible Ilvestie trail. With a length of 800 metres, Ilvestie passes through an old-growth forest, past the Vuorenkirkko nature chapel and all the way to the Vuorentorni observation tower. There is an accessible bathroom at the start of the Ilvestie trail. On your way back, you can visit Vuorenmaja, a wine tavern in a former ski hut designed by W.G. Palmqvist that serves up Central European flavours paired with excellent wines from small European small vineyards.

The sun shining on wooden steps inside the tower.
The observation deck is accessible by stairs.
The Vuorentorni observation tower in the middle of a forest, with a woman in outdoor clothing standing in front of the tower.
Built from logs, the Vuorentorni observation tower was constructed according to designs from 1920.