Art Hotel Honkahovi

Designed by the architect Jarl Eklund, Art Hotel Honkahovi is an attractive building that represents the functionalist style and offers high-quality hotel and pre-booked restaurant services all year round. During the summer season, the restaurant at Honkahovi serves customers every day. Please refer to the website for up-to-date information on opening hours.
The large downstairs windows of Honkahovi’s restaurant provide a breathtaking view of Mäntänlahti bay in Lake Kuorevesi.
The experienced kitchen staff have ready-made suggestions for various types of events. On our website, you can find our menu suggestions for lunch events, festive buffet meals, dinner parties and weddings as well as sauna menus that can be enjoyed in our lakeside sauna building. Menus for events can also be fully based on the customer’s wishes. Honkahovi is fully licensed.

Three red tulips in a row with the Honkahovi building in the back.
The attractive yard of Honkahovi and a large window, seen from Mäntänlahti.
A wooden dining table with six leather-backed chairs. Two large windows.
The attractive meeting facilities at Honkahovi provide a comfortable setting for a day of meetings.