Salussärkkä and Rantalansärkkä eskers

Salussärkkä and Rantalansärkkä are beautiful eskers in the waters of Pohjaslahti. They are a very attractive environment for a summertime excursion. Salussärkkä has even been called “Little Punkaharju” after one of the most famous eskers in Finland.

Two kilometres long, Salussärkkä and Rantalansärkkä are part of the same esker formation that dates back to the Ice Age. Most of the area is a protected nature reserve. The Salussärkkä esker is located in Ala-Kolkki, along the road to Ruovesi, and Rantalansärkkä is located a few kilometres to the north, in Ylä-Kolkki.

A sunny summer day, with trees and brush on the slope of a low ridge. On the right is a blue lake with a forest behind it.
This esker formed during the Ice Age offers memorable nature experiences.