Tennis Pavilion – tennis and padel

Playing a game of tennis on the famous courts of the Tennis Pavilion is an experience that harkens back to the era when factory owners were patrons of the local community and tennis was an exclusive hobby of senior company officers!

Mänttä Tennis Pavilion has three tennis courts and two padel courts built in the summer 2021.  There is a café and changing rooms in the pavilion building. If you just want to watch the games, you can see all of the courts from the pavilion’s rooftop terrace.

Visit the Tennis Pavilion’s website to book a court! Mänttä Tennis Pavilion also organises tennis tournaments for groups, tennis courses for beginners and more advanced players as well as tennis activities with a special theme, such as 1950s tennis.

A group of people watch four men playing padel on an outdoor court on a sunny day.
There are two padel courts.
The interior of the Tennis Pavilion. A 1950s building with furniture in the same style. Groups of tables with a large white fireplace in the background.
The indoor areas of the Tennis Pavilion can be used for various kinds of events.