Optician Piila

Optician Piila (Optiikko Piila) offers optical services and products in Mänttä and Jämsä, from eye examination to ready-made glasses and their maintenance.

All three of the opticians are experienced eye examination professionals. The cooperation of the opticians with the companies ophthalmologists guarantees the customer a full range of eye care services. Through Optician Piila, you can also access all follow-up examinations and treatments of eye diseases, as well as private procedures such as cataract surgery. Optician Piila performs visual field examinations at the offices using the latest equipment in the field.

Genuinely individual service and craftsmanship

Optician Piila cherishes and maintains the traditional craftsmanship of their field of expertise and the entire glasses manufacturing process. Glasses are made by the company in Jämsä, which enables really fast delivery times. The customer’s wishes and needs are always taken into account when manufacturing glasses. Thanks to their own import operations and exclusive sales collections, it is easy to fulfill individual eyeglass frame wishes.