Vilppulankoski fishing area

Rich in fish, the Vilppulankoski rapids provide a great setting for fly fishing and bait casting all year round. You can catch both brown trout and salmon in the rapids.

Vilppulankoski is a 300-metre section of rapids between Keurusselkä and the Paloselkä part of Lake Ruovesi. The rapids are approximately 50 metres long and have a drop of 2.3 metres. The waters of Vilppulankoski rapids start from Kotaselkä and run through Kirkkosalmi to Huutoselkä in Lake Ruojärvi.

Vilppulankoski is located within walking distance of the town centre, with good transport connections, close to the Vilppula harbour area. The rapids are used for recreation by fishing enthusiasts as well as other users.

The Vilppulankoski recreational fishing area is rich in fish. This is ensured by stocking the rapids with fish throughout the summer. Bait casting and fly fishing are available, both from the shore and from a boat. Fly fishing is the more popular method here, with rainbow trout, brown trout and perch being the main catches. Fishing from a boat is possible in the river and in the nearby Paloselkä water area, which is rich in pike and zander.

There are accessible fishing docks on the shore of the rapids, making it possible for people with reduced mobility to enjoy fishing.

One-day and three-day fishing permits are sold for the Vilppulankoski rapids fishing area. You can buy a fishing permit at restaurant Isabella in Vilppula harbour or from the Vilppulankoski online shop.

A fly fisher standing on a rock by the rapids, casting his line in the water using a roll cast.
The rocks in the rapids make good platforms to stand on.
The effervescent waters of the rapids in the foreground, a blue sky and clouds in the background, with a spruce forest on the sides.
Vilppulankoski rapids on a sunny summer day.
A smiling fly fisher standing on a fishing dock on a sunny summer day, fishing. In the background is a bridge across the rapids and green trees.
There is an accessible fishing dock at the rapids.