Vilppulankoski park

Rich in atmosphere, Vilppulankoski is an attractive setting for an outdoor excursion for the whole family! This idyllic walking trail around the Vilppulankoski rapids is just the right length. The trails and docks in the park are also suitable for people with reduced mobility. At the lean-to along the trail, visitors can grill sausages while listening to the sounds of the rapids.

Vilppulankoski is a 300-metre section of rapids between Keurusselkä and the Paloselkä part of Lake Ruovesi. The rapids are approximately 50 metres long and have a drop of 2.3 metres. Vilppulankoski was once used by the paper industry. The Serlachius groundwood mill was located along the rapids from 1882 to 1945. For seven weeks during the Finnish Civil War of 1918, the rapids were the site of a significant battle that is now commemorated by memorials on both sides of the rapids. The sites and stories from 1918 are documented along the Vilppula History Route.

An arboretum and hut maintained by Pohjois-Hämeen Puumiehet are located in the area. The arboretum was planted in 2018 to mark the centenary of Finland’s independence and it features 18 species of trees that are typical of Finland. There is also a hut at the arboretum that is used for learning activities by the pupils of Vilppulankoski school. The hut is rented to other interested parties in the evenings, on weekends and during school holidays. Rantaravintola Isabella manages bookings for the hut.

Vilppulankoski is located within walking distance of the town centre, with good transport connections, close to the Vilppula harbour area. There are opportunities for many activities in the area. In addition to walking the trail, you can visit the beach, disc golf course or beach volleyball court. You can also try your luck at fishing.

A sandy trail passes through the park along the rapids.
The walking trail provides close-up views of the frothy rapids.
Two men sitting at a lean-to surrounded by trees, grilling sausages.
The lean-to along the trail is a great place to grill some sausages.
A wide dock passes directly past the frothy rapids and under a bridge.
The walking trails are also suitable for people with reduced mobility.