Villa Vankka

Welcome to enjoy the calming scenery of the Finnish countryside in Pohjaslahti. Villa Vankka is located right in the center of Pohjaslahti, only 500 metres away from the Pohjaslahti boat harbor and right next to restaurant Wanha Vankka. The apartment has two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom and a sauna and shower spaces. After the sauna it is amazing to enjoy the evening sun in the big backyard. The nature activities of Pohjaslahti are just a short walk away, and if you are traveling by car there is a parking space right next to the apartment.

A bedroom with a twin bed. The wall in the background is dark green and there are two spot lights attached to the wall.
Villa Vankka invites you to spend a peaceful holiday in the heart of Pohjaslahti!