Meeting services at the Serlachius Museums

Serlachius Museums offer a unique combination of art, award-winning architecture, history, good food and beautiful nature. Both of the museums have facilities that are well suited for meetings, training events and celebrations. In summer 2022, visitors will also have the opportunity to use the sauna facilities and meeting rooms in the art sauna currently under construction on the shore behind Gösta’s Pavilion.

Some of the meeting rooms are modern, while others are rich in history. The meeting rooms feature state-of-the-art conference technology, modern AV equipment and good sound systems. Meetings can also be split up between multiple rooms to allow the participants to work in small groups, for example. The guide and programme services provided by the museums can add fun or more serious activities to complement meetings.

Meeting rooms at Museum Gustaf:

  • Auditorium: 52 seats (with an option for 25 additional seats)
  • Hall: 60 seats
  • Historic café: 23 seats
  • Entrance hall without tables: 100 seats (outside the museum’s opening hours)

Meeting rooms at Art Museum Gösta:

  • Pavilion Kivijärvi Hall: 200 seats (without tables)
  • Pavilion restaurant: 100 seats
  • Autere cottage: 55 seats
  • Pedagogical space: 25 seats
  • The manor’s wine parlour: 20 seats
The hall in Serlachius Museum Gustaf serves as a café and meeting space. Groups of tables with a couple drinking coffee at a table in the foreground.
Art Museum Gustaf’s hall
Gösta’s Kivijärvi Hall used as a meeting space. There is a big screen in the back, with groups of tables in front of it and large windows.
Gösta’s Kivijärvi Hall