Vehkakoski lakeside dance pavilion

Located in a place of natural beauty, Vehkakoski lakeside dance pavilion hosts dance events on summer Saturdays. This dance pavilion has a long history, with the opening event having taken place on 4 August 1957 with Arto Nyström and his band providing the music.

About ten dances are organised here each summer. One in every two hours is mixed choice. The dance season usually starts at the beginning of July and ends with the Metsäiltamat event in August. Vehkakoski lakeside dance pavilion is also used for concerts and other cultural events. The boat dock at the traditional Vehkakoski dance pavilion makes it possible to get there by boat. The dance pavilion is accessible.

A woman dressed in a long pink dress dances with her partner at an open-air dance pavilion on a summer evening. There is a calm lake and green birch trees in the background.
The separate open-air dancing area allows dancing under the stars.