Café Wilhelmiina

Café Wilhelmiina has served locals and visitors for more than 40 years. Café Wilhelmiina’s traditional doughnuts, butter eye buns, Wilhelmiina cookies and chicken and ham sandwiches are very popular. There are also larger meals available, including burgers made from Angus beef from the café’s own farm and minute steak. In addition, you can find salads, vegetarian options, various layer cakes, savoury pies and paninis on the menu.

With its friendly customer service, unhurried atmosphere and attractive environment, Wilis is a great place for a cup of coffee or a delicious meal. The café’s selection of drinks includes specialty coffees, frappés, soft drinks and, of course, Presidentti filter coffee. Café Wilhelmiina combines respect for traditions and curiosity for what is new.

Delicious cinnamon buns baked at the café.
Wilhelmiina serves delicious cinnamon buns baked on site.
The interior of Café Wilhelmiina. Round lighting fixtures, white tables and the café counter at the back.
Wilhelmiina’s cosy interior is a great setting for enjoying a cup of coffee.