Vilpunportaat fitness stairs

Vilpunportaat fitness stairs in Parkkivuori give you a great workout! The fitness stairs were built on the hillside behind the indoor sports facility in the summer 2021. The fitness stairs have 76 steps. The angle of the slope is 15–22 degrees and the length of the incline is about 45 metres. The construction of the fitness stairs in Parkkivuori was a joint project by Vilppula-Seura, the City of Mänttä-Vilppula, other local organisations and volunteers. At the top of the fitness stairs, there is a bench and a board displaying the names of the project’s sponsors and participants.

Art Town also has another set of fitness stairs with 218 steps for a real challenge! The fitness stairs in Mäntänvuori are named after Lydia Wideman, Finland’s first female Olympic gold medalist in cross-country skiing.

The bottom of the stairs, with woodchips, grass and a few trees. The indoor sports facility is visible at the top of the slope.
The stairs get steeper towards the top.
The upper platform of the stairs, with a bench and a board with names. The indoor sports facility, sports field and a water tower are in the background.
A board at the top of the stairs displays the names of all of the project’s sponsors and participants.