Rauhalammin mansikkatila strawberry farm

Rauhalammin mansikkatila offers fresh strawberries, raspberries and peas to consumers. The products are available from local shops, on Tuesdays at the Vilppula market square, on Fridays at the Mänttä market square and from REKO local food meet-ups. During the harvest season, the farm also sells its products in the town centres of Vilppula and Mänttä. The farm received a quality certification from the Finnish vegetable producers’ association Kotimaiset Kasvikset and won a Quality Producer award in 2008. In addition to fresh berries, the farm sells frozen produce and concentrated juices.

The strawberry farm has a smoke sauna, hot tub and hut available for rent for evening get-togethers and events.

The main product of Rauhalammin mansikkatila: Finnish strawberry.
Rauhalammin mansikkatila