Hyvärisenlampi nature trail

Located near Kolho, Hyvärisenlampi nature trail offers excellent opportunities for families to spend time together and enjoy the outdoors. This easily passable trail is approximately one kilometre in length. Featuring duckboards and bridges, it circles the calm Hyvärisenlampi pond in the middle of a forest. There are two lean-tos along the trail for taking a snack break, for example. The larger lean-to has seating for as many as 20 people. The lean-tos have fire pits made from natural stones. One of the lean-tos can be reached by car if necessary. There are 20 activity boards along the nature trail to provide visitors with the chance to learn about nature during their walk.

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The sun is shining inside a lean-to in the middle of a forest, illuminating the fire pit and long row of seats.
This gorgeous lean-to is a nice place for a snack break.
Duckboards leading to the shore of Hyvärisenlampi pond. At the end of the duckboards, there is a bucket for taking water from the pond. The sun is shining and the trees of the forest in the background are reflected on the surface of the pond.
At Hyvärisenlampi, you can enjoy pristine nature and beautiful scenery.