Mänttä Church

Designed by the architect W.G. Palmqvist, Mänttä Church was completed in 1928. This beautiful stone church has an altarpiece by Alwar Cawén as well as wooden sculptures by Hannes Autere.

Länsitorinkatu 2, 35800 Mänttä

Vilppula Church

Designed by the architect Georg Schreck, Vilppula Church was completed in 1900. The altarpiece was painted by Pekka Halonen.

Riihikankaantie 14, 35700 Vilppula

Kolho Church

Designed by the architect Mikael Nordenswan, Kolho Church was completed in 1955. There is no altarpiece in Kolho Church, but there is a painting by Seppo and Ilmari Launis on the side wall of the front part of the quire.

Kyläkirkontie 8, 35990 Kolho

Pohjaslahti Church

Designed by the architect Kauno Kallio, Pohjaslahti Church was completed in 1932. The altarpiece of Pohjaslahti Church was painted by Urho Lehtinen.

Pajamäentie 32, 42850 Pohjaslahti

Pohjaslahti drying barn chapel

The building that is now the drying barn chapel was brought in as the drying barn of the Pohjaslahti parsonage. When the parsonage was sold in 2001, Vilppula parish retained ownership of the area of the drying barn and the rocks by the water. The old smoke drying barn was renovated with EU funding and with the help of volunteers to convert it into a drying barn chapel.

Sammalistontie 17, 42850 Pohjaslahti

Mänttä cemetery chapel

Designed by the architect Pekka Saarema, the Mänttä cemetery chapel was inaugurated in 1968. There are three crosses on the altar wall depicting Golgotha. The end walls and side walls feature low relief oak sculptures by Hannes Autere.

Vuorentie 2, 35820 Mänttä

Vuorenkirkko nature chapel

The Vuorenkirkko nature chapel is located in the Mäntänvuori outdoor recreation area, between Vuorenmaja and Vuorentorni.

Urheilukentäntie, 35800 Mänttä

Kolho Orthodox Church

Kolho Orthodox Church, also known in Finnish as “Karjalan valistajain kirkko” and “Pyhien pyhittäjien Sergei ja Herman Valamolaisten kirkko”, was built from wood in 1954, originally as a prayer room. It was subsequently converted into a church in 1977–78 when a log altar was built inside it.

Kappelitie 8, 35990 Kolho