Art Hotel Honkahovi

The G.A. Serlachius Company built Honkahovi on the shore of Mäntänlahti, close to where the town is located today. Honkahovi was originally built as the company accommodation of the future chief executive R. Erik Serlachius.

Designed by the architect Jarl Eklund, Honkahovi is an attractive building that represents the functionalist style. Today, as Art Hotel Honkahovi, it offers high-quality hotel and pre-booked restaurant services all year round. During the summer season, the restaurant serves customers every day. The large downstairs windows of Honkahovi provide a breathtaking view of Mäntänlahti bay in Lake Kuorevesi.

Spend a night in a gorgeous environment that is rich in history or relax in the lovely lakeside sauna. Honkahovi is a hotel rich in history. It has capacity for 24 guests in rooms with modern amenities.


A hotel room with a large nicely made double bed, a brown sofa and a desk.
The rooms at Honkahovi are all unique.

Chairs and a table surrounded by large windows and four house plants.